C.B.A.R is into its 28th year of operation in the City Bowl District, environs and Woodstock, and has held fast to the ideology that the most effective and efficient way to fight crime is to work closely with the police and the local communities using the most up to date security technology and competent, professional staff.

CBAR is a corporate member of the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA). This accolade is reserved for security companies that install, repair and maintain alarm systems as well as provide an in house monitoring service linked to armed response. SAIDSA is the association of service providers of security systems and services, and acts as the �watch dog� within the industry.

This ensures the highest standards are maintained within a SAIDSA approved company. As part of its code of conduct, CBAR should always act with dedication, integrity and responsibility to uphold its standards.


With this in mind C.B.A.R has helped establish many community security initiatives that target small areas within the CBD. By listening to the needs of local residents and businesses, C.B.A.R can provide a security service that is tailored to suit their particular security problems. By focusing all of its manpower, vehicles, control centre and energy in a defined area, the net result can only equate to unparalleled response times and high visibility. What differentiates C.B.A.R from other large nationwide companies is its ability to empower residents and businesses in the fight against crime. With its attention to a personalized service and intricate knowledge of the local environment it drastically reduces criminal incidents within the targeted areas.


CITY BOWL ARMED RESPONSE is an area bound security company which provides 24 hour Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response.

We believe in order to fight crime successfully we need to work closely with the community and offer them the best security solutions. These solutions are created by means of using the latest technology, having a personalized service and a dedicated, fast acting response team for all security and medical emergencies.