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Dear Valued CBAR Clients

As the Festive Season fast approaches, there has already been a marked increase in both business and residential robberies. It would appear that this trend is upon us earlier than expected.

Our appeal to all of our valued clients is to exercise increased vigilance, both at home at work, and in public spaces over the coming months to minimise the potential of falling victim to crime.  Listed below are a few pointers to be aware of:

  1. One of the Modus Operandi used is that the criminal element poses as a contractor to gain access to your home / business premises. PLEASE ENSURE that all staff, both at home and at work, are informed of any 3rd party service contractors or workmen expected to work at or on the premises.
  2. With an increase in online purchases, criminals have found another avenue to gain access into homes and businesses. Cloned uniforms and falsified documents are being used to make deliveries where unsuspecting victims give access to criminals wearing uniforms of reputable courier companies, so confirm you are expecting a delivery and what the items are being delivered before opening up.
  3. Opportunistic criminals gaining access to homes or businesses are well versed in reasons to gain entry by gaining your confidence or giving plausible excuses to enter.
  4. Post any suspicious activities on your local neighbourhood WhatsApp Groups and other Social Media channels to alert others.
  5. Ensure that any security personnel and or domestic workers on site are made aware of any contractors that are expected as well as their purpose.
  6. If any contractors are observed on site, and you are unsure of their motivations for being there, contact the company that they purport to represent to get confirmation.
  7. Refuse access in the event of unauthorised persons wanting to gain access to your premises and notify CBAR ‘s 24-hour monitoring centre for further assistance.



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Yours sincerely

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR team

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